The Perils of Plastic

Defending men’s champ, Tawdry Zomboni, is known for his vicious and wiley ways.  To even out the match, Zomboni will take on TWO, yes TWO challengers. Here to challenge the cold breeze from hell that is Zomboni, are Hot Toddy and Frankentoad!

Oooh….gorgeous redhead Sign Babe.

MuscleMan riles up the crowd.

Two against one in this epic match!

The crowd roars with approval!

Our first contestant is the always hunky Hot Toddy!!

Every massage therapist in Alaska knows Hot Toddy! Intimately!

The crowd goes wild! Women throw their bras! The hunky dude in the back throws his thong.

And fresh from Dead Lake Labs, heerrre’ssss Frankentoad!!

“Aaarrgghh! Mmmmmfftt!”

And the crowd goes wild!

And the Iron Dog himself, Champ Tawdry Zomboni!!!!!


Will the Champ get his brains???????? The crowd roars!!!! Brains! Brains!!
The battle begins!!

Tawdry is hit from both sides!

The crowd goes wild!

Each warrior battles for…

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