Reblogging this episode in honor of the workers of Michigan.

The Perils of Plastic

The good people of Wisconsin have been making us proud the last couple of months, standing up for worker rights that are the foundation values of our great country. They have persevered in the face of deceit, illegal legislation, Koch Brothers manipulations, the sleaziest governor in the Midwest, bad weather, election setbacks, biased media coverage, outright lies by Faux News, layoff notices, and all sorts of assholery, skullduggery, and eyerollery. They have stood tall and strong, no matter what has been thrown at them.

Then the TeaBag Koch Party decides to roll out their usual pathetic Tax Day rally, but they decide to pay for their “heavy hitters” to come to town. Can you say BACKFIRE? Bringing the Whore of BabbleOn and BrightButt to town seemed like a great idea when they talked it over amongst themselves. But then they always underestimate the opposition. Boy did they ever.

Koch Whore…

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  1. I’ll have to check. I know it got a big viewing in Wisconsin.

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