The Perils of Plastic

Before the camera crew descends on the “house” to film the first episode of Bristle’s made-up life,  Bristle has a few loose ends to wrap up.

Oh, hey, Chris, sweetie! Glad you’re here early. Kyle is running late and, um, I’ve got a itsy bitsy favor to ask, um, you, pretty please?

Yeah, hey, Bristle! I’m not s’posed to be on camera til later, babe, so whatcha need?

Well, um, I kinda gave my nannies the day off to go to the grand opening of my L.A. All About Me spa, and, um, I kinda need somebody to drop the other kids off at the temporary day care I got. You can use my SUV.

Kyle said you have a couple of kids besides Trippers. I s’pose I can drop em off.

You’re a total dear! I, um, still need to get Dippy Trippy dressed, and, um, it’s hard work…

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