The Perils of Plastic

Having finished the filming of Bristle’s move to the LA “house,” the camera people have the cast members do some filler shots and filler dialogue while waiting for the director to arrive on the set.

Bristle practices looking hip and savvy.

Cameraman #1: Bristle, say something to the guys.

Kyle: Yo Bristle, I’m glad to see you got moved in.

Chris: Now we can get to working on the charity.

Bristle: Um…yeah, all moved in, me and Zippy Trippy.

Bristle: Uh…you, um, guys ready to get to work?

Bristle: I’m, um, looking forward, here, to doing the charity stuff.

Cameraman #2: Keep talking everybody.

Chris: We’re tryin’ man.

Chris: My girlfriend Tanya will be here soon. We are going to go pick up the keys to the new charity office.

Kyle: Great. I think the office furniture delivery is set up for tomorrow. Gotta check on that.

Kyle: I’m jazzed…

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