A brief Piper break before we return to Bristle Day.

The Perils of Plastic

The last time we saw Piper, she had frosted hair and was wearing makeup. She also looked bored and sullen, so we all hoped she was headed home to live a quiet life and catch up on her education.  But after Bristle had “corrective surgery” and nabbed her own reality show, never mind that she already got to do DWTS, little Piper decided that education is a waste of time. The bright lights beckon. Piper has skills. Piper is hard working. Bristle has nothing on Piper. So Piper googled how to set up her own LLC. Then she had a bit of “corrective surgery” and got some hair extensions. Now, Piper Diapers, Inc. is the hottest babysitting service in Wasilla. And with all those teenagers trying to cash in on the famous preggers game, Piper has plenty of business.

Piper is part of the glam sitting set.

She prefers high-end…

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