I wonder what Boob and Mork think of Sarah these days.

The Perils of Plastic

The tubes have been abuzz about the upcoming “announcement” by Sarah on Boob and Mork in the Morning. Everybody in Alaska knows Boob and Mork. They are those two retarded 10-year-olds who have their own radio show. They are Sarah’s favorite go-to guys when she wants to let her hair down and be oh-so-cool. The three of them happily snark  their little hearts out, freely bashing cancer victims, liberals, bloggers, and anybody else who doesn’t think they are totally awesome. Cooing happily to each other, fluffing egos, patting virtual asses, the Three Stooges grasp greedily at their 20 minutes of fame (15 minutes is not enough for fame whores). In the past, the guys have both had their heads under Sarah’s skirt, lapping her brown eye and licking her boots, in their own twisted fantasies of course, since it is hard to plaster their drooling lips on Sarah’s ass through…

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