Remember Wendy Waitress?

The Perils of Plastic

Wendy: Hello, and welcome to Eduardos! I’m Wendy and I’ll be your server today.

Wendy: In addition to the lunch menu your hostess left with you, we have two specials today. We have a seafood and mango ceviche served on a bed of butter lettuce, and a grilled sea bass with fruit salsa. Do you need more time to decide?

Anonymous Blonde: I’ll have the ceviche special, thank you. It sounds delicious.

Wendy: I think it is one of the chef’s best specials. He makes it a lot because people request it. I hope you enjoy it.

Sarah: Give me the nick-swah salad and another diet Dr. Pepper.

Wendy:  Very good. I’ll have your drink refill right out.

Wendy: Enjoy our lovely patio view while the chef prepares your meal.

Sarah: Snooty waitress.

Anonymous Blonde: The food sounds good.

Sarah: We’ll see.

Wendy: Here is your lunch. Is there anything…

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