The Perils of Plastic

Sarah apparently forgot to pack something important when she flew to Arizona.  In response to rumors of Sarah’s mistake, Megamouth Stapletongue told a reporter at the ADN that “I don’t know where Sarah’s mind is; I don’t think anyone knows that.”

I did ask Tawd to check the plane. She might have left it there after they flew to Safari Lake for the weekend.

Tawd said that he didn’t think Sarah took her mind to Safari Lake.

I checked with Piper. She’s looking in all of her diaper bags.

The ADN reporter asked other residents if they had spotted Sarah’s mind.

Jessica Beehive, Sarah’s hairdresser in Wasilla, said that she thought Sarah asked her to give her mind a massage.

But she might have said, “do you mind giving me a massage.” Either way, Jessica checked her massage room, and Sarah’s mind is not there.

When Chuck Heath, Sarah’s dad…

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