The Perils of Plastic

I haven’t done a plastic mayhem episode in quite some time. I believe we are much overdue for one. This one comes to you in the spirit of Brazil.  I always thought that Robert DeNiro didn’t deserve his fate, but I can think of somebody else who more than deserves a similar fate.

It was early evening in Scottsdale. The sun was finally low in the sky. Sarah, alone in the Arizona house since she sent Piper packing, had just settled in with her favorite bathrobe, her crunchwrap supreme, and a couple of diet Dr. Peppers.

Sarah needed to console herself, because it was email dump day.

More Dr. Pepper.

Sarah knew that there was nothing much left in those emails after her minions spent two and a half years removing anything that might seriously taint her image.

But she also knew that people were still laughing at her…

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