The Perils of Plastic

One person stands out as having helped Sarah pile up her several dubious successes. No, not Tawd! Sheesh. I’m talking about Jessica Beehive, the Queen of Bumpiteering, the scissors-wielding Wizardess of Wasilla. Yup, Jessica is behind that trademark rat’s nest on Sarah’s head. And now she’s getting her own reality show. Just what everybody needs. More made-up drama amidst snipped locks, body creams,  and piled tresses. And the Desperate Hicks of Wasilla are all atwitter about having their hair done at the Beehive. They KNOW the producers will pick them to star with Jessica, because, after all, Wasilla is not just the duct tape capitol of the world, but also the center of the made-up drama universe. The Palins have turned made-up drama into Wasilla’s leading export.

So, on a warm fall day, Jessica’s Beehive is buzzing with queen bees who want to look their best when the film crew…

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  1. Goodness gracious great balls of fire! You are such an artist. ARTEEST!!
    Love it!

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