The Perils of Plastic

Below is a story written by High Peaks. I did have to update it a bit, and make a few changes to account for prop limitations,  but most of the story is in its original form.

My thanks to the Brothers Grimm for their inspiration, and for allowing me to borrow, so generously, from their delightful story.

 To Sarah Palin,

who taught us all that while some fairy tales really can come true, sometimes we have to make our own way in life and succeed or fail based on our own merits alone, this story is humbly dedicated.

The Fisherman and His Wife

by HighPeaks

There was once a fisherman named Todd who lived with his wife Sarah in a comfortable home in the Mat-Su Valley in Alaska, a few miles from the sea. Todd used to go out all day long fishing; and one day, as he sat in…

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