Wigging out in Wasilla

As Sarah continues her downward spiral into the muck of the mocked, her “hair” continues to be her best asset, at least in the sense that it keeps people talking about her. We have all taken turns imagining the dialogue and hissy-fittery that occurs every time her “hair” has to get ready to go on tv. In this episode, we have Sarah’s “hair” trying to get ready for various appearances.

Here is a quick look at Sarah’s own hair last summer, around the time she had “jury duty.”

Things are not improving for Sarah’s hair only a few months later.

Sarah’s hair doctor put in some implants, but they died on Sarah’s toxic Red Bull scalp the way a seedling dies in a drought.

Sarah is waiting for Bristle to bring her wigs.

“I don’t have all day, people. Move it with the flippin’ wigs!”

“I’m going to fire that hair doctor and then destroy his career.”

“What about this one?”

Bristle: “Too blonde. People will think you are dumb.”

“I think blonde is a good color for me. I like this long look.”

Bristle: “You look like a hippie.”

Sarah: “Watch your flippin’ tone, young lady.”

“This one doesn’t have enough hair. Willow took some of my best wigs. She’s up to something.”

“I’m a stunning redhead.”

“Flippin’ Kathy Griffin is a fake redhead.”

Bristle: “This one is pure nylon, mom. Nobody can tell it from your real hair.”

“Where’s my curling iron? Piper better not have stolen it like my water bra. She ruined the flippin’ bra for some science project.”

“This looks just like my real hair.”

“Can’t find my flippin’ Star of David. I’ll just have to go with the Catholics.”

“Lower light. Looking great, I am, you betcha.”

“I think bein’ blonde with some red highlights looks sexy on me.”

“Like my councilwoman look, back there, when I was blonde and the hottest councilwoman.”

Bristle: “Yes mom. Hot.”

Behind the scenes:

Desktop studio.

Sister Perils Cat.

Sister Perils is very interested in Sarah’s “hair.”

Nothing like a pile of fuzzy things.

Let sleeping Perils Cat pictures lie.


This is The Weasel

Perils Cat

Perils Cat and Sister Perils Cat

Sister Perils Cat


2 responses to “Wigging out in Wasilla

  1. Beautiful coiffed cats! Wig not so much! Cute!

  2. I love the cats. The more I look at your representation of Sarah the more I believe the resemblance is uncanny.

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