It started as a conga line…

…and evolved from there. How many familiar faces can you spot?

I’m just about out of retrospective posts, just in time to usher in the new year.


4 responses to “It started as a conga line…

  1. OMG! RAM is perfect!

  2. Recognized Toad right off. Ram is quite purty in her own way. 🙂 Brissy must have a thyroid problem and needs a scarf to keep warm, no? Newt and Calista are a charming couple. Who’s in the wheelchair? Levi and pregnant Sunny by the tent with Brissy looking on enviously? Willer with the hair clamp? Need to study more. Sarah ringing her bell to warn the British. Too funny!!!! Love the Belmont girls!

  3. love the deflated plastic boobs. and Leno! hahaha good job!

  4. And we finally got to use the short willow doll.

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