Samoa's Ark

Everybody in town knows that the best place to have a party is at Samoa’s Ark. Paul and Armagana provide the best food, drink, and hospitality in PlasticLand.

The friends of Saucy Redhead decided to throw her bachelorette party at the Ark. A good time was had by all.

IMG_6598They got a stripper of course.

IMG_6600He is a good natured fellow.

IMG_6603The ladies appreciate his mind.

IMG_6604Saucy Redhead appreciates his tan.

IMG_6607Much appreciation.

IMG_6606And rejoicing.

IMG_6612Time for a break and a drink.

IMG_6613Everybody is enjoying the party.

IMG_6621More drinks. More enjoyment.

IMG_6624Turns out the stripper is a comedian too.

IMG_6626More drinks. More laughing.

IMG_6632Paul needs more margarita ingredients.

IMG_6648Comedian stripper offers Saucy Redhead a beer.

IMG_6635For you, my lady.

IMG_6637Charming fellow.

IMG_6645Everybody likes him.

IMG_6647Time for more drinks and some food. Party on!

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