The Sisterhood of the Dead Squirrel

I must be related to these women. And I am SO jealous. Follow the link to learn the story of the sisterhood of the dead squirrel.






4 responses to “The Sisterhood of the Dead Squirrel

  1. WakeUpAmerica

    OH. DEAR. GOD.
    You AND Fan of Balto must be related to them.
    BTW, could you please issue a spew alert next time? It’s just the decent thing to do.

    • WakeUpAmerica

      Why yes, yes you did! Spew alert is so one does not soil one’s computer screen with coffee, a phenomena that occurs when one bursts out laughing while swallowing. LOL

  2. I am considering something like this:

    as my next career. Squirrels in canoes? I’m just getting started.

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