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The best of altered barbie art

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It started as a conga line…

…and evolved from there. How many familiar faces can you spot?

I’m just about out of retrospective posts, just in time to usher in the new year.

It started as a conga line…

…and evolved from there. How many familiar faces can you spot?

Behind the Scenes: Purchasing Department visit: Update

What happens when the Perils creators get together?

It’s a hair-washing party! The Purchasing Department also happens to be the primary hair care expert at Perils. I dug through the barbie piles and found the dolls who still had messy hair.

Clean, trimmed hair, freshly washed clothes.

Your hair looks mahvelous! (who is that guy in the back?)

What’s he looking at?

Articulated dolls are particularly fun to play with.

The Purchasing Department found the hat container.

Irony: The Ann Coulter doll telling the Sarah Palin doll to STFU.

Yard party.

Party at the tent. This is how the Purchasing Department airs out newly washed and styled dolls.

Perils Cat in the sun.

Perils Cat is not camera shy.

Party near the artichoke.

The fence party is getting busy.

Sister Perils ignores the festivities.

Hmmm….caption contest?

Sister Perils.

A garden gathering

I needed to get the dolls out to sort them and pack them for my trip, so I took advantage of our lovely sunny day. I can’t guarantee I didn’t overlook part of the gang for this picture. The Bratz aren’t in the picture, except for Conehead Sarah, but this is what I believe to be all of the dolls other than the Bratz. Not counting superheros, KO action figure, the horse, and the dog, I think there are 110.

Say cheese!



Bristle and her babies.


Assorted Palins, plus Hannity on a stick.

heads up!

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

Wait…what? Sarah in an orange jumpsuit?

I know it’s just a fantasy at the moment, but we can dream, can’t we?

When I heard the screech of tires I knew I had hooked  somebody passing by. This guy and his mom got out to have a look. Mom took pictures of son in front of dolls. They had a good laugh. Love to entertain the neighbors.

Too big for our Barbie britches

Everybody please welcome a new addition to my Perils family. My sister, the famous EBay shopper, has joined me in this endeavor. Apparently sending me more dolls, clothes, and props wasn’t enough for sis.  She took it upon herself to learn some new barbie skills between EBay orders. Given the usefulness of her new skills, plus my inability to stop her from shopping (I got 4 boxes this week), I have invited shopping sis to join my team.  She will be posting her own PlasticLand experiences, including the ever-popular Behind the Scenes, which will relieve some of my posting pressure when I am buried in prop construction. Welcome Shopping Sis! Long live PlasticLand and Perils!

Plastic Panic Attack

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