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Hey, look what I found!

I don’t get many of these.  This trolly poly thinks that fame, money, and adulation are the cat’s meow.  All Hail Celebriwhority. The true definition of success. Feel free to butt this troll off the bridge.

at the end of the day, and no matter if she doesn’t do anything else this supposed idiot has gone from a little town in Alaska to fame, riches and adulation-an astonishing achievement. Whilst you and the people who comment at your very odd obsession are nobodies from nowhere who will live an die in utter obscurity and relative poverty. I can see who has had the last laugh.

Cheesecake Nikki

You didn’t think I’d pass this one up, did you?

The best Venn

This diagram could replace half the words in my “About” section.