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A troll’s work is never done: Update

You never know if you have one or two trolls being four or five people, three or four trolls being themselves, or perhaps just one dysfunctional person.

A typical troll assortment.  A fairy tale troll, a concern troll, an immaturity troll, and a scary off-its-rocker troll.

Maybe just one very delusional, very caffeinated troll.

Concern Troll: You should be worried about what evil Obama Hussein is doing instead of hating on a rill American family.  And Soros is taking over the world using Alinsky tactics.

Fairy Tale Troll: You haters just make their family stronger and more hungry for Applebee’s.

Immaturity Troll: You bad people shouldn’t judge people you don’t know. That’s so immature and whatnot.

Crazy Troll: Sarah Palin is an angel and she will smite you when she becomes president.

And then a quick look into the lives of gatekeepers.

Gatekeepers are just mean girls of another color.

Hey troll, suck on this! LOL. Hey Baldy! LOL.

My opinions are very important. Anybody who disagrees with me is a troll. Anybody who doesn’t like my mean “banter” is a troll. Anybody who doesn’t like my tone is a troll. LOL. I am smart and funny. Get lost trolls! Don’t question my take on everything or I’ll have to tell you to ignore me after I call you names. LOL.

Junior gatekeeper hard at work.

Junior Gatekeeper:  You’re stupid and play with dolls. I’m rubber you’re glue. Na na you’re ugly.

Junior gatekeeper is the kind of bully who hides behind the popular mean girl.

Behind the Scenes:

Perils Cat wants to help with the set.

Too neat. Let me rearrange a little.

Props are tasty.

Troll hair is yummy.

Okay, I’m done helping you. Carry on.

Update: I closed the comments for this post because I’ve reached the point with this issue that all comments have been commented on, all comments about comments have been commented on in other comment sections, all commenters have commented about other commenters, and the comments about comments made by commenters have been commented on in a commenty way by many commenters. And, of course, trolls don’t see the humor in closing the comment section in a post about trolls who live in comment sections. Ah well, more laughs for me.


Troll alert!

Throughout my various episodes of the never-ending Palin saga, one group has been conspicuously missing:  the PalinBot trolls who spend all their time making fools of themselves over at Gryphen’s place and other anti-Palin blogs.  Not anymore! I was talking about trolls with my shopping sis, and what did it get me?  Come on, guess!  Did you say trolls? Yes!  The trolls have arrived at my blog!  They will be put to work shortly, emulating their real-life versions, spewing lies, fake concern, bad grammar, and general lack of charm. Meet the trolls!

Perils Cat checks out the new arrivals.

Perils Cat informs the little shits that she will bite their fuzzy heads off if they don’t do exactly as I tell them.

Perils Cat turns the trolls over to me after educating them on PlasticLand etiquette.