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A Christmas Story

The Perils of Plastic

On a warm morning in late September, a bouncing baby boy barbie was born. Mary and Joseph, the happy parents, had had to stop at an old grotto barn in the Judean Hills  because Mary’s water broke before they got to Bethlehem for the Carpentry Conference. The baby wasn’t due for a couple of weeks, and Bethlehem wasn’t far from home, so the couple thought they could fit in the conference. Baby boy barbie had other plans. Mary was going to miss the annual Carpenters’ Wives Potluck, and, as president of the CWA, her usual rousing speech would be missed. Joseph would be missing the windowsill workshop he had been looking forward to, but babies come when they decide to, and the hospital in Bethlehem was kind of scruffy anyway.

Lucky for them, Mary and Joseph encountered Myrrhy along the road to Bethlehem, and he told them his old barn…

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This is for you, Bill, wherever you are

This is a song written about a beloved chimp who lived many years at our zoo. He had a hard life. I grew up watching him pace that cage. He now has his own memorial garden and is considered one of the city fathers. Bill, we miss you and wish that you could have had a free life.

Yule logs



dog stick




little dog with big stick



Fish Camp Barbie

That there is one fancy-dressed fish lady

RIP Schoep

You will be missed by your human and the many thousands of people who got to “meet” you on the Internet. Rest in peace.


Dances with wolves, er…knives

The Sisterhood of the Dead Squirrel

I must be related to these women. And I am SO jealous. Follow the link to learn the story of the sisterhood of the dead squirrel.