Sarah Palin: Fashion Icon

Now that Christmas is over, I continue my countdown to no more Palins.

Sarah’s penchant for butt-ugly shoes has become a bloggy bone of contention, and I couldn’t help but notice that our dear Sarah has once again appeared in public wearing the latest in WTF.  Different venue, same drivelous speechifying, yet another round of shoe-puke.  Perhaps Sarah should become the spokeperson for expensive ugly shoes. She is actually an expert in that field. Imagine that.

Given that the Purchasing Department has made sure I have plenty of disgusting Sarah shoes, this post begged to be done.  I would have spent a little more time setting up with such accessories as Sarah’s famous jewelry, but I’m getting ready to leave town for a week or so, and I am rather busy.

First we have Conehead Sarah, who looks like she borrowed Piper’s clothes. Sarah’s Red Bull butt is too skinny for borrowing clothes from Bristle or Willow, so she has taken to raiding Piper’s clothes.

Yeah, tacky as hell.

Then we have one of Sarah’s favorite casual looks for meetin’ people when she “accidentally” shows up in high traffic zones.

Two Blackberries. Check. The Belmont Twins. Check.

Sparkly shoes that don’t match the casual jeans. Check.

If people pay Sarah the big bucks for a nice word salad rant, she will sometimes get out the fancy duds.

Yes, I know. The shoes never match and are typically uglier than the outfit.

Tacky hair. Check. Tacky outfit. Check. Blackberries. Oops, missing one. Tacky shoes. Check.

Back to casual.  Tacky hair. Check. Belmont Twins. Check. Overly casual for the event. Check.

Shoes don’t fit. Check.

Almost forgot the flag pin. Got it! Check. Piper must have the other Blackberry. Ordering new clothes no doubt.

I think Piper overfilled the Twins.

More speechifying. Time to look like a ho’ in some Hobaks.

Shiny polyester. Check. Short short skirt. Check. Ugly, poorly-fitting shoes. Check. Sloppy hair. Check.

You paid how much for those things?

Time for some rightwing speechifying. Flag pin. Check. Short short skirt for the guys. Check. Tall, tall heels for the guys. Check. Got that Blackberry back from Piper. Check. Darn! The Belmont Twins don’t fit under this blouse without some deflating. Half mast will have to do.

Forget the 3am phone call. Let’s just imagine that Sarah is speechifying in NY City one night, in this ridiculous getup, when a surprise visitor comes calling. I’d love to see her run in those things she calls shoes.


6 responses to “Sarah Palin: Fashion Icon

  1. Absolutely perfect! Not even a parody!

  2. I would love to see the pictures these shots are based on. I bet you are spot on!

  3. Please, please do a pic of Plastic Sarah wearing the Superman t-shirt, low-rider capris, a black version of those plug-ugly platform sandals, and celebrity sunglasses? Don’t forget the blingy bracelet.

    • As I have said several times, there will be no new Sarah pictures. This is a retrospective of past posts, meant as a send-off to a Palin-free new year. The Palins are over.

  4. There were many ideas that just didn’t get done. I had props for all kinds of Palin insanity, but eventually it was let go or develop a permanently flat forehead from banging it on my desk.

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