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I had a ton of fun doing this one on yet another camping trip. My Sarah doll was a dirty mess when I was done.


This might be my favorite.

Plastic Mayhem: a walk in the woods Sarah Palin may not have a title anymore (except Supreme Moron), but I'm not done wreaking havoc on her plastic surrogate. So once again, come with me to plastic fantasy land, where the anti-Palin movement is strong and creative. Disclaimer: As I've said before, I don't advocate real violence against real people, but I will do what I damn well please with my barbies. Sarah has a meeting with her minions. She is hatching new plots. The bald clown … Read More

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Plastic Mayhem number two, dedicated to whiny troll Michelle.


More from PlasticLand

More plastic mayhem: the Twitter Quitter gets stoned I promised that I would do another round of plastic violence against plastic Queen Sarah, so here it is. There were some technical difficulties during the violence part (trying to photograph flying rocks with a point and shoot was harder than I expected), but the objective was achieved. This is a re-creation of the quitter speech, but the audience did not sit idly by while Queen Sarah gasped her way into the quitter record books. Instead, they to … Read More

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As we approach the end of the year, I’m reblogging old Palin episodes from way back. Blast from the past. This is my first Plastic Mayhem post in which Sarah Palin is done in by the barbies of PlasticLand. Three cheers for PlasticLand!


I’m pulling up my old Palin barbie posts, because I never get tired of them.

Plastic mayhem In the real world, most people don't tend to give in to inappropriate impulses, such as murder and mayhem. But the plastic world of barbies is a different reality, in which there are no inappropriate behaviors. So it came to be, on a sunny day in the woods, that a group of barbies rid their reality of the tweeting twit, the ultimate Mean Girl, the poorly dressed, overly made-up, slutty-haired, ugly-shoed, blackberry-toting, empty-headed, under-th … Read More

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Hot potato

Happy Thanksgiving!


Pardon the mess

Happy Turkey Day!!

I don’t think it’s changed me at all, I have the same values and convictions and, and positions and policies, um, just a greater appreciation I think for what other candidates go through, you know it’s pretty brutal, that the, the time consumption there and the, um, the energy that has to be spent in order to get out and about with the message on a national level, great appreciation for other candidates who’ve gone through this but also, uh, just a great appreciation for this great country.

There are so many Americans who are just desiring of their country to just get out of the way and let their businesses grow and progress, so great appreciation for those who share that value, and it was a blast, every day was just a blast out there on the trail.

Reporter: Any other future plans for office?

Um, ya know, plans just include, uh, gittin’ through, uh, the budget process that we’re going through right now, building the state’s budget based on, uh, the price of oil that has plummeted so greatly and reining in the growth of government and, uh, uh plans LIKE THAT having to do with uh, helping to govern this state and building this team that, uh, is continually being built to provide good service to Alaskans, so in my role as governor, that, that’s what my plans are all around.

Reporter: Speaking of declining oil prices are you concerned about any state programs on the chopping block?

You know thankfully we’re in a good position still, fiscally speaking we’re in a good position, but, it, made no sense that a hundred and forty dollars a barrel oil, that, that some lawmakers wanted to spend spend spend, we were warning them then the administration was that we had to prepare for the day that the price of oil would plummet which of course it has done.

So we have prepared then, reined in the growth of government then, and we will, um now, uh, uh that comes into play at this point, where the savings we had set aside, forward funding, anticipating the drop in oil, uh, accounting for that, all that comes into play now, at fifty dollars a barrel.

Reporter: Great! So why was today so important to you for…?

Aaaoohhhwww…well this was, this was neat. I was, uh, happy to get to be invited to participate in this and, and uh, you know, it’s, it’s for one, you need a little bit of levity in this job, especially with uh, so much that has gone on the last couple of months that has been so, um, political obviously, that it’s nice to get out and , and do something to promote a local business and, and to uh, just participate in something that isn’t so heavy-handed politics that it invites criticism….Certainly we’ll probably invite criticism for even doing this too but at least this is fun.

Reporter: And what is it that you’re thankful for this year?

Blah blah thankful blah family blah

Track blah Iraq blah blah

Trig blah blah thankfulness blah blah Alaska blah Alaska blah blah…

blah blah food

tradition blah blah Alaska

blah blah friends family Alaska blah

Reporter: What are you gonna cook for Thanksgiving?

I-I-I’ll be in charge of the turkey…